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The protagonist had lied to his parents about having a girlfriend. His parents will be back soon and he needs to find one to present to them or his parents will take away his anime and video games.

Does this play more like a visual novel or a dating sim?
A little bit of both. The player is free to explore the city and play the stats game, or enjoy the narrative. Everything depends on player choice!

Does the game contain nudity or harsh vulgar language?
No the game does not contain nudity or harsh vulgar language.

Core experience

Roleplay as a high school student and "romance" with waifus, cats and humans.

Key Features:
- Animated 3D Main Characters using Live 2D
- Side-quests with a plethora of quirky characters
- Each main character's narrative follows a different narrative genre.
- An in-depth stats system that changes the protagonist's interaction with the environment.
- Experience the life of a high school student who goes to class, works and travels through a city filled with detail and characters.
- Humorous events derived from pop culture and gaming references.
- Play through anime tropes.
- Secret events…

Main Characters included in the demo:

Rin - Drama
Naoko - Slice of Life

Main Characters who are not included in the demo:
??? - Noir
??? - Action
??? - Comedy
??? - Victorian
??? - "Host"
??? - Horror

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Who are we?
We are a small indie studio, formed by three university students, who love and hate anime and visual novels. This is a passion project that we developped for everyone to enjoy.

Why are we doing this?
We are considering to launch a kickstarter campaign. We really want to see what people think about it, if enough people like it then we can expand the project. Funds would go towards creating original art to keep a consistent style. This includes backgrounds, sprites and the Live 2D characters with heaps of custom animations.

If you enjoyed the game or if you think you know how it could improve, please leave a comment below.

Thank you for your time and hope you enjoy the game.

Install instructions

Unzip and click the exe!


Waifu High [Demo] 212 MB